So Many Choices!  Dog Food Brands at Geauga Feed
Choosing the brand of food that fits your dogs' nutritional needs is the most important
thing you can do to help him thrive.  Geauga Feed offers many high quality brands to
choose from.  Kibble, can and raw diet......
detailed list of brands

Dog Food Reviews reviews many dog food brands and formulas available at grocery
stores and independent pet food stores.  See a balanced review of the product, its
ingredient list and health claims....
Pet Nutrition 101

With so many choices of brands and type of diets, how should you choose?
Your pet has nutritional needs  both similar to you and some very different.  Learning
the basics of pet nutrition will help you separate the quality pet food brands from the
popular ones.....

FDA Pet Food Label Requirements
The Food and Drug Administration regulates what can and cannot be included in pet
food labels. Understanding the labeling requirements will help demystify otherwise
confusing labels and help you to choose the best value......
Nutritional Solutions