Premium Animal Nutrition is the Core of Our Business

Whether for companion animals, wildlife or livestock, Geauga Feed & Grain Supply strives to provide our customers with only the highest-rated pet foods and premium quality seeds and feeds. The quality of an animal’s life is affected dramatically by the food it is fed. Providing the right amount of organic nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein increases an animal’s resistance to diseases while helping maintain health, growth, and reproduction.

We know you care deeply about your pets and that your livestock is crucial to your family’s business. So we partner with only the most reputable animal food manufacturers in the U.S. who do more than just meet FDA standards. We seek out companies with exemplary nutrition labels whose businesses align with our animal feeding philosophy and who are truly leaders in delivering nutritional solutions that help animals live and perform to the best of their abilities.

This pressing desire to provide our customers with the best possible animal nutrition is why we offer our own brand of Little Ireland Farms award-winning feed grain produced locally by us at our working farm in Marion, Ohio. I need just a little info here on how they harvest and produce their feed seasonally and why it is the best feed option.

Geauga Feed’s extensive line of animal food products ranges from household pets, chickens and ducks to wild birds, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and more. With an unwavering focus on nutrition and years of agriculture education and farming experience, we are here to provide answers and solutions to all of your animal feeding needs.

Call us at (440) 564-5000 or visit us today for expert animal nutrition advice and the best selection of quality foods around.